Fix Your Air

So Your Family Can Breathe Easily

Air conditioning repair and installation specialists

to remove contaminated air, prevent pollutants,

and maintain a cool, clean, and healthy environment.

Don't Lose Your Cool

AirCool Florida is the only A/C company in South Florida that provides you FREE mobile A/C units while we replace your old units.

 And We'll Bring A Mobile A/C Unit


A Revolution in Miami Home Air Care

The cleanest, greenest A/C repair and installation company in South Florida.

Avoid Pollutants

Take control of the air your family breathes. We help you identify all sources of pollutants in your home and eliminate them.

Save Money

Going green doesn’t have to cost you more green.  We guide you to powerful yet extremely energy efficient solutions.

24/7 Service

No more stress over hot days. Our company is known for its 27/7 emergency services


EPA studies reflect that the air inside peoples homes

is 10x more polluted than the outside air.

You can prevent pollutants from contaminating your home environment.

Indoor Air Quality Specialists for 21+ Years

At AirCool we are homeowners too, and we understand that maintaining a clean healthy environment at home is important to the overall health and comfort of your family.

For over 21 years our company has worked to help improve the comfort and air conditioning performance level for our clients. Our staff of licensed and certified technicians have the experience and tools necessary to provide a clean and healthy breathing environment for you and everyone in your home.

By choosing us, you get a company you can trust, that also guarantees it's work. You will get an air conditioning company who will be there when you call, provides emergency services, and that knows how to service your HVAC equipment properly. We value our clients and do everything possible to keep costs down while maintaining a standard of high-quality work.

Our company is known for its 24/7 emergency services, and how we have a 100% guarantee on all work. We also pride ourselves on our vast industry experience and being skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We always provide polite and punctual service and flexible appointment availability.

What Parents and Families Say

“It’s a scary thing to have your young child sick and coughing in the middle of the night.  Thank you for helping us past that season of our lives”

- South Florida Mother

Accreditations & Clean-Air Partners

Case Studies

Real Solutions For Real Families.


Our Process





We do air quality and comfort inspection to pinpoint your cooling needs, and we determine which systems best fit your needs long-term.



We install or repair your home’s air conditioning system so that it’s reliable and energy efficient. We eliminate pollutants and help you keep the air that circulates through your A/C system as clean as possible.



Together, we'll decide on how often you would like us to return to maintain your clean, cool and safe environment, while improving its energy efficiency.


A/C Services


AirCool specializes in installation and replacement of ac equipment with the highest energy efficiency and clean air effectiveness.


Maintain the clean, cool air in your home by performing regular maintenance. A properly serviced AC will also do a better job of reducing pollutants in your home.


We provide the highest quality residential and commercial air conditioning repair, which is backed by our 100% satisfaction warranty.

Don't Lose Your Cool

We care about your comfort.

AirCool Florida is the only A/C company in South Florida that provides you FREE mobile A/C units while we replace your old units.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our company is known for its 24/7 emergency services, and how we have a 100% guarantee on all work.

Always Sick?

Many people don't realize that their ''perpetual cold'' or other nagging symptoms may be caused by the very air they breathe in their own homes.

Allergies, Asthma, Nasal Congestions, and other Sinus Problems can be caused by pollutants in your home. 

Headaches and dizziness can be side effects of breathing unclean air in your own home

Fatigue can be caused by pollutants like building materials, cleaning chemicals, etc



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